Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to review my Web site of upcoming events. You will find a nearly complete listing of my programs and activities through August. Space has been kept open for the various groups or individuals that request a custom camp, birthday party, series of classes or other related event. I hope you will find an activity that meets your needs.

Mission Statement My philosophy is based on a love of the natural world, which has consumed my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that my role is as a caretaker for the planet and wish to encourage in others a profound connection to the earth. Most importantly, I want to create a positive experience for children and adults in an outdoor setting.

Spring Programs - Click here to learn about some of my upcoming nature programs, plans for the summer and kids camps summer 2001.
Programs - Click here to learn about some of my upcoming nature programs, plans for the summer and kids camps summer 2001.
Indian Crafts and Outdoor Games -New classes every Saturday this winter! We will be making fires, bone knives, bows & arrows, moccasins, shields, tomahawks, bolas, and many other cool crafts. Click to learn more.
Paintball Parties - John has all of the paintball guns and safety gear to host an exciting and safe capture-the-flag paintball party. Start by building your fort so that you can protect it from attack then defend your fort or go on the offensive to capture the other team's flag.
School Programs - John can come to your school to teach Indian crafts, woodworking, Indian history and fishing in a fun hands on interactive mode where you'll get to make bone knives, bows & arrows, moccasins, shields, tomahawks, bolas, and many other cool crafts.
Hunting Lessons - Learn safe hunting with John. You will learn where to go, how to get that big buck, field dress your kill, and firearms safety.
For those who seriously wish to learn about the tracks and signs left by animals and other creatures common to Central Maryland. You will learn the keys to quickly classifying animals into groups and then species based on track shape, number of toes, direct and indirect register, track patterns, pressure releases and habitat. Plaster castings will be made to record your discoveries. Saturday, June 21st, 2-5 PM. $25 fee.


Sun Dances

Big picnic or other outdoor event being threatened by rain? John can perform the traditional Sun Dance to clear out those clouds and bring on the sun. Allow at least 2 hours for full rain elimination and to achieve cloudless sky. Plan ahead, schedule John to perform the Sun Dance prior to all your important outdoor events. Click here to hear from the Pope, a satisfied Sun Dance customer who uses John's Sun Dance services in advance of major outdoor masses. Call John to ask about his new remote Sun Dance service. No longer does John have to travel to the location targeted to be sunny. Now John can perform a remote Sun Dance for any location world-wide from the comfort and convenience of his back yard.  
Snow Dance - Need a day off from school? Have John perform the traditional Indian Snow Dance to whip up a blizzard. Guaranteed to result in a minimum of 4 inches of snow and school closure in your county or your next Snow Dance is free. Dec 1st to Feb 28th only.
Rain Dance - Why pay for all of that expensive irrigation piping to water your crops when you can contract with John to perform one of his traditional Indian Rain Dances to drum up a storm. Three different size storms available for your watering or event ruining needs. Hear from Bill Clinton, a satisfied rain dance customer.
Directions to John's - Click for a map to John's house in Millersville -- site of children's crafts, camps, Indian programs and paintball parties.
John's Major Projects - Click to see some of John's major projects performed each summer and see what is planned for this summer.

Background. For those who are new to my programs, I'm an environmental educator with a degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Maryland. I have taught youth and adults about the natural world for more then ten years. My self-employment began in 1994 with one home-school group and has evolved into Native American studies for public and private school groups, Nature adventure camps running continuously through the summer and spring break, teacher education seminars, birthday parties and other activities involving paintball, kayaking, fishing, caving, rock climbing, survival and most of all Native American crafts. I have studied with well-known trackers, biologists, and Native American elders; conducted an extensive wildlife survey; survived off the land; made log canoes, teepees and "Indian" Villages; learning kits; produced a wide diversity of crafts and many more natural related activities. Finally I'm a certified First Responder and lifeguard.

Safety is the primary concern in all my camp and class endeavors and is an integral part of the educational process. All participants are instructed as to the safety rules and restrictions associated with each activity and must conform to these rules in order to participate in each. I am a certified First Responder and Life guard


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