Valley Mill Camp - Two 1-week sessions during Spring break where John is the director. March 26-30, and April 6-13. Rock climbing, archery, kayaking, wilderness survial, outdoor games, challenges and John will be leading the Native American crafts on a beautiful 60 acre wooded location in Seneca Maryland. Click on the Valley Mill Logo below to go to the Valley Mill Web Site. John will also be running the summer camp at Valley Mill in August. Call or email John for a brochure or more information.

Native American Nature Classes Are Filling Up! Sign up now!

Saturdays, 1-4 PM -Happening now at John's house (join anytime)

Mondays, 9:30AM-1 PM - Happening now in Adelphi (join Anytime)

Mondays, 10 AM- 1 PM- Patuxent Refuge. April 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 14, 21

Wednesdays, 9 AM-12 noon. Patapsco Park. April 18, 25 & May 2, 9, 16, 23

Held at several locations, these classes have three main parts: Native American craft making; nature study & exploration; awareness exercises and nature games. Ages 7 - 12 are the target group but other ages may join. Students can make crafts like blowguns, pouches, shields, dream catchers, masks, spears, baskets, tomahawks, bone knives, bows and arrows, rattles, moccasins, and bolas. Fee of $20 per class or all six for $110.

Drum Making Class

Saturday, March 3 & April 14, 2:00 - 5:00 PM. $100 fee

In this class each student will transform deerskin and an eight-sided wood frame into a powerful personal, large drum and beater linking the student to the spirit of the deer and the earth which all things come from. For thousands of years deer hide has been used by native peoples for many things including spiritual objects such as the drum, shield and rattle. Class is at John's house. Please send $50 deposit to to reserve your spot.

For those who seriously wish to learn about the tracks and signs left by animals and other creatures common to Central Maryland. You will learn the keys to quickly classifying animals into groups and then species based on track shape, number of toes, direct and indirect register, track patterns, pressure releases and habitat. Plaster castings will be made to record your discoveries. Saturday, June 23rd, 2-5 PM. $25 fee. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a check for $35 to

Fishing Adventures Yellow Perch

Wye river Saturday, March 3&10 - $35 fee

Trout Fishing (Severn Run) Saturday, March 31st &April 28th -$35 fee

Catfish, White and Yellow Perch (local river), Saturday, March 17 &24 -$35 fee

Perch and Catfish (Potomac River) April14-$35 fee

Rockfish and white perch (Kent Narrows) June 17 - 2-7 PM -$50 fee

John will be leading a series of Saturday trips to nearby streams for Yellow Perch, White Perch,Trout and Rockfish. These species provide great fishing for beginners since they are found in large numbers during the spring. All fishing gear, stamps and bait will be provided or bring your own equipment. Ages 8 and up are welcome. All trip times except rockfish are 7am- 12pm. Participants will meet at John's house in Millersville or at location. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a check to

Kayaking and Canoeing Naturalist Adventures

Severn River- Saturday, 8AM-12noon, April 7, $45 fee

South River - Sunday, 2-6 PM, April 22, $45 fee

Upper Patuxent River float down- Saturday, May 12th , 9AM-1PM, $50 fee

Severn Run to River road- Saturday, May 19th, 9 AM- 5PM, $75 fee

Incredible nature exploration opportunities can be found by paddling the waters edge. Marshes, streams and waterways house more wildlife than any other environment. Sneak up on heron, surprise a muskrat or discover the many species that hide along the water's edge. Nature interpretation will be included. A great way to exercise! All boats provided. Choose from more than 25 boats or bring your own for a 25% discount. Under 12 years of age must have adult partner. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a check to

Paintball Days

Saturdays, 1-4PM - April 7 And May 26

Sundays, 2-5 PM - April 1, 15 & 29 and May 20 & 27

Paintball is always tons of fun. New guns and masks & larger CO2 canisters. Adults and youth 12 years and older. $30 / person for pump or $/40 for semi-auto.

$25 if you have your own gun. Fee includes CO2 and 300 paintballs. Prepay in full in advance by sending a check to . Meet at John's house.

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Class

Saturday, June 2nd and 9th - 9 AM - 12 noon - $25 fee

These classes are scheduled during the best season for foraging. The class will be at John's house and at Severn Run Park next door. Some of the plants we will sample include greenbrier sprouts, wintergreen, chickweed, wild cucumber, wild carrot, partridge berry, blueberry, sassafras tea, pine needle tea, and much more. Identify and learn about healing plants like spaghum moss, and willow. Cost is $25/class. Prepay in full in advance by sending a check to . Meet at John's house (click here for directions).

Survival Class Saturday

June 16, 9:00AM - 5:00PM - $100 fee

Would you like to feel more comfortable in the wild? This one day crash course will cover the four survival areas of shelter, water, fire and food. Students will learn: fire with the primitive bow drill apparatus; how to make an advanced debree hut which will keep you warm in the coldest weather; safe, easy to find water sources; wild edible plants and simple methods to gather and hunt delicious food; and most importantly the proper philosophy and attitude. Stay the night in your debree hut if you wish to test your skill. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a check for $50 to

Call John, email him at: or use the to write to John to sign up now or for more information at: 410-451-1434 or 410-440-9356.


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